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Product website for a board game website in laptop and mobile view

project goals

About the project

About The Client

“Kondigno” started its journey at the beginning of 2021. “Kondigno” is a board game adapted for visually impaired people. Creators of this amazing board game wanted a website where they could represent and sell this amazing board game.

Project Goals

The goal of the project was to create a website that would not only properly present the board game, but would also be accessible to people with visual impairments since the game is adapted to this specific group of users.

final product

The final result

The result was a website that shares the feel and looks of the actual board game. We have also implemented a way for users to preview the rules of this game in a PDF format and to listen to an example of a sample task that comes with the mobile app that is used to play the board game. website in laptop and mobile view