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Shop for hand-made furniture website in laptop and mobile view

project goals

About the project

About The Client

“Duende” is a reseller of hand-made furniture that is made from the highest quality materials. This client seeks to provide furniture of exceptional design to people who truly care about the interior design of their homes.

Project Goals

Since “Duende” sells, luxurious handmade furniture the goal of this project was to design and create a website that would feel as exceptional as the products that are being sold there. Because most of the furniture is hand-made we also had to include a pre-order form that visitors could use to contact our client for more product details.

final product

The final result

The result was a premium feeling website with clean and light look. Show page has an AJAX filtering system that allows users to instantly filter products by various attributes. Home page also features an interactive slider with hotspots that lead to corresponding items. website in laptop and mobile view