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E-commerce website for newborns website in laptop and mobile view

project goals

About the project

About The Client

An e-commerce shop where parents of newborn babies can find all of the products that are required to raise a newborn child. Since young parents usually don’t know what items they will need for their newborn this client also wanted to offer an intuitive way to create a product basket of the most essential items.

Project Goals

The goal was to design a website that would look clean, and modern while at the same time feeling warm and friendly. We also had to think of a way to design a quiz system that when completed would create a personalized items basket for the parent with all of the essential items needed to raise their newborn child.

final product

The final result

The result was a light website with creamy colors that create a warm and cozy feeling. The design also included a shop page with an intuitive AJAX filtering system and finally a quiz system that users could use to create personalized items baskets.