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Business website for a beauty clinic. website in laptop and mobile view

project goals

About the project

About The Client

A beauty clinic where all plastic and reconstructive surgery operations are performed by true professionals. Here each patient is provided not only with the highest-quality surgical services but also with impeccable post-operative care.

Project Goals

The goal was to design a premium feeling website while at the same time also clearly showcasing all of the procedures that this beauty clinic provides as well as the results of those procedures. Trust is a very important factor for businesses providing health and beauty-related services so we had to make sure that the look and feel of the website reflect specifically these values.

final product

The final result

The result was a dark background website with gold and silver accents to symbolize luxury and trustworthiness. To present all of the plastic surgeries we have created an interactive image of the human body, so based on which part is clicked the corresponding procedures are listed.